Meet Dr. Vadecha

Dr. Vijal Vadecha graduated from Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health in Mesa, Arizona. She is affiliated with the American Dental Association as well as the Academy of General Dentistry. She has contributed her time at multiple dental events including Give Kids a Smile, as a volunteer dentist at community health clinics in different parts of the country, and taught oral hygiene at a local elementary school.

Ideal dentistry is different for every patient who comes to our office. As her new patient, you can expect the utmost dedication to designing an ideal treatment plan that best suits your needs and desires. Her goal is to have you smiling as you walk out our door.

Born and raised in Southern California, moving to Arizona was a big change but she is loving it here. She enjoys hiking on the weekends and trying to find the best food spots around Phoenix. Thai and Mexican food are her favorites! Her favorite book at the moment is The Shadow in the Wind. She loves to travel and explore new places, food, and culture. Nevertheless, San Diego will always be her #1 vacation spot!

Care CreditAmerican Dental Association